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Cervical Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide and it is the most common cancer for women aged 15-34 in England. Worldwide there are around half a million new cases and a quarter of a million deaths each year. 

Debbie Fund is the only organisation devoted solely to the discovery of new treatments for cervical cancer.

Debbie Fund has established, at the UCL Cancer Institute, the world's first dedicated  research programme into treatments for cervical cancer. Every pound raised funds this research. Please help Debbie Fund in any way you can.


 Spread the word about the fantastic work that the Debbie Fund  research team is doing  to find a cure for cervical cancer.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic scientists work tirelessly in the lab every day researching into treatments that will stop women dying from cervical cancer.
Debbie Fund needs your help to continue funding this research. 

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Genomics Update

The latest developments with Debbie Fund’s genomics research have revealed how different patterns of modification to DNA in cervical cancers may be used to predict the prognosis for the patient. Read more



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Moon Beever Quiz Night

Moon Beever solicitors  raised a tremendous £6850 for Debbie Fund at their recent quiz night. Thank you  to all involved in the organisation of the quiz and to everybody who attended this very popular event. 

Thank you Moon Beever for your magnificent support!

Prudential Bike Ride-Cycling 100 miles for Debbie Fund!

Our six riders  trained hard in preparation for the gruelling 100 mile course around London and Surrey. 

Thank you for supporting  Debbie Fund's  team and helping fund  our research:
Emma and Tara; Miranda; Becky; Sam; Chris.


Update-the stunning Debbie Phillips rose is now available online from Harkness Roses- Click here 


The Debbie Fund team have now analysed almost half a million DNA modifications in patients with cervical cancer. Read more.


Debbie Fund has moved to become a fund within University College London Hospitals Charity (RCN1165398) and the UCH Cancer Fund, which is a part of UCLHC, will provide Debbie Fund with ongoing administrative support. Read more

Britain lags behind other developed countries in survival rates for cervical cancer, the OECD reports- 21st out of 23 in a recent study.













Debbie Fund Research

February 2017 update: read here.

Inside the lab: the progress of the research. Watch our  film here. See how research is progressing and how vitally important this research is.

Research into treatments for cervical cancer continues to be very encouraging, taking the project a step closer to the clinic. Debbie Fund's most recent work with therapeutic antibodies has used novel chemical methods to attach radio tracers or highly potent cytotoxic drugs site specifically  to our lead antibodies.

Read more.


 The aim of the Debbie Fund antibody project?  To provide a new means of  delivering a toxic payload direct to cervical cancer tumour cells without damaging surrounding  healthy cells- a “magic bullet” for cervical cancer.









Debbie Fund Genomics Project

This ground breaking work continues. Debbie Fund researchers have recently published early findings about how the blueprint stored in our DNA becomes corrupted, leading to the development of cervical cancer. We are now trying to learn more about this process, and how this knowledge could help us to identify individuals at increased risk of developing cervical cancer.
We are also looking at the epigenetics of cervical cancer. Read more. 

The Debbie Fund genomics project is funded thanks to generous support from ICAP  





Thanks to the  generosity of its supporters Debbie Fund has raised over £1 million. The more money raised, the more research. Please help



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The Debbie Fund Ball  raised a staggering £243,000. Read more

 Our marathon runners have now raised nearly £60,000 for Debbie Fund!   


Katy Phillips, Debbie's elder daughter, spoke after completing the London Marathon:   "It took me a while to realise that no distance I ever run will make the pain of losing my mum any less, but with incredible support, I completed the marathon, raising over £12000, and taking Debbie Fund a little bit closer to  preventing other families from going through this pain."Read more 




 What Debbie Fund aims to achieve:
"I hope that one day a lady will come up to me and tell me that she had cervical cancer, but because of a drug that came out of our research, she survived.” Sarah Phillips (16) 



Debbie Fund is set up in memory of Debbie Phillips who died from cervical cancer . Help prevent other women and their families, from falling victim to Cervical Cancer.