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Tom Kislingbury is our marathon hero for 2015. Tom ran the London marathon in April raising over £4400 for Debbie Fund. Tom commented: "Whenever it's tough (and running in the dark and rain with a young family and a pregnant wife at home is tough) I remember a line I saw that says 'whenever you feel like stopping - remember why you started' and I remember that not only am I a lucky enough guy to have the opportunity to do something like this I also have a responsibility to the people who don't have the choice or opportunity".
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Thank you to everyone who supported Debbie Fund for the first time on Giving Tuesday 2014. Every donation helps fund our scientists who are working all day everyday  to find new treatments for cervical cancer.
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A preview of the stunning new Debbie Phillips rose grown by Harkness roses and selected in memory of Debbie by her parents Norman and Pauline Fisher. The rose should b available to purchase from 2015. read more...
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Debbie Fund researcher Dr Tim Fenton was at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. This year’s AACR meeting was entitled ‘Harnessing Breakthroughs – Targeting Cures’. It is the biggest conference dedicated to cancer research, bringing together around 18,000 delegates including researchers, patient advocates and representatives from biotech and pharma.
Dr. Fenton told us:  “I presented a poster detailing our discovery of a mechanism by which cancer-causing mutations occur in the DNA of HPV-infected cells. It was also a great chance to catch up with ex-colleagues and to connect with other researchers working on HPV-associated cancer”.

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Debbie Fund chair Helen Jameson is now a member of the board of the umbrella organisation Cancer52. Cancer52 is an alliance of more than 60 organisations, including Debbie Fund, working to address the inequalities that exist in policy, services and research into the less common cancers and to improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases. Debbie Fund is delighted to be closely involved with Cancer52. read more...
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Debbie Fund is now a member of Cancer 52- an umbrella organisation which aims to raise awareness of the less common cancers, which are responsible for over 52% of UK cancer deaths, but are severely under represented and underfunded in all areas- policy, services, funding and research.

Debbie Fund 
has participated in a study by Cancer 52 into research funding for the lesser known cancers, including cervical cancer.  Cancer 52's report was published in November 2013 read more...
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Strictly Dancing for Debbie Fund!
R3 Insolvency Practitioners held a glittering evening at London's Park Lane Hilton on 27th June 2013, raising over £17,000 for Debbie Fund. Thank you all and Keep Dancing!

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London Marathon 2013-Debbie Fund runner Emily Jamieson, spurred on by the sunshine and the crowds, beat her target of 4 hours, and raised over £6000. Thank you Emily.

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Katy Phillips, Debbie's daughter, talks to the Daily Telegraph about surviving university following her Mum's death from cervical cancer. read more...
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A further £356 for Debbie Fund.
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On Saturday 5th March, St Paul’s Girls’ School organised a run in aid of Debbie Fund

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Leading oncologist Dr. Tim Meyer: "within ten years Debbie Fund will have made a difference to the outlook for women with advanced cervical cancer". read more...