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Cervical Cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide with around half a million new cases each year and 250,000 deaths. 

Debbie Fund is the only organisation devoted solely to the discovery of new treatments for cervical cancer.

Debbie Fund has established, at the UCL Cancer Institute, the world's first dedicated  research programme into treatments for cervical cancer. Every pound raised funds this research. Please help Debbie Fund in any way you can.

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Could you support Debbie Fund by running the London Marathon in 2015?

Can you take on the challenge of one of the most famous marathons in the world to raise money for Debbie Fund?

Applications to run the 2015 London Marathon on 26th April for Debbie Fund are now being accepted and we are looking for runners to join our team. We have limited places but we'd love to find supporters with a passion for what we do who have dreams of completing the course. Money raised by our runners will go to the world's first dedicated research programme into treatments for cervical cancer which was established by Debbie Fund.

Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide with over half a million new cases diagnosed each year. Your effort will raise awareness of cervical cancer and support vital research to help continue on the path to discovering new treatments.

If you would like to run the marathon for us, or for more information, please email Helen Quirke [hquirke(at)]


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Congratulations and thanks
to our 2014 Marathon runners: Annie CoulsonLuke TrickettDavid Kerrigan and Danny Hornsby

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Strictly Dancing raises £17,000 for Debbie Fund!

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January 2011. The Debbie Fund research project has now officially started. Read more.

The "Autumn" Story. 

Eminent Oncologist tells Debbie Fund supporters: " within ten years...the fund will have made a difference for women with advanced cervical cancer." Read more..

Debbie Fund Research

Inside the lab: the progress of the research. Watch our new film here. See how research is progressing and how vitally important this research is.

Debbie Fund’s first dedicated researcher, Dr. Enrique Miranda  Rota, from the UCL Cancer  Institute, is  now collaborating with the Therapeutic  Antibody Group at  Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT) to develop new antibodies that bind to cervical cancer cell-surface targets and which have the potential to be used in  new treatments for cervical cancer. Enrique is testing several variants of each antibody, produced by grafting specific gene sequence modifications to the antibodies


 “We are absolutely delighted with the progress of this Debbie Fund supported project” said Prof Kerry Chester and Dr Tim Meyer, the project’s lead investigators. “Generating antibodies in collaboration with MRCT brings us a significant step closer to a new treatment for patients with cervical cancers”. 

 The aim of this antibody project is to provide a new means of  delivering a toxic payload, either radioactive or chemical, direct to cervical cancer tumour cells without damaging surrounding  healthy cells- a “magic bullet” for cervical cancer.




As research work investigating a new treatment for cervical cancer continues to advance, Debbie Fund's antibody work is gaining knowledge and momentum; Debbie Fund investigators Prof Kerry Chester and Dr Rota have been invited to present their work at various international biotechnology conferences.

Debbie Fund Genomics Project

Thanks to generous support from ICAP Debbie Fund has commenced its genomics project. This will look at the genetic changes in cervical cancer tumours and will complement the work on the Debbie Fund Antibody Therapeutics Project. The project is being led by Dr Tim Fenton, in collaboration with Prof Martin Widschwendter.




Thanks to the amazing generosity of its supporters Debbie Fund raised £1million in its first two years. The more money raised, the more research. Please help

Give as you Live for Debbie Fund at no cost to you!

Support Debbie Fund when you shop on-line! Just click on the Give as you Live button to join and then each time you buy on-line from thousands of stores, including Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Amazon etc., Debbie Fund will receive a donation at no cost to you. It's a really easy way to raise money for Debbie Fund's research and help make a difference.

The Debbie Fund Ball  raised a staggering £243,000 for debbie fund. Read more

 Debbie Fund's marathon runners have raised nearly £60,000!   


Katy Phillips, Debbie's elder daughter, spoke after completing the London Marathon:   "It took me a while to realise that no distance I ever run will make the pain of losing my mum any less, but with incredible support, I completed the marathon, raising over £12000, and taking Debbie Fund a little bit closer to  preventing other families from going through this pain."Read more 

Now three years after Debbie's death, Katy talks to The Daily Telegraph- "Surviving Oxford without mum was tough".  


Debbie's 16 year old daughter, Sarah, summed up perfectly what Debbie Fund aims to achieve:

"I hope that one day a lady will come up to me and tell me that she had cervical cancer, but because of a drug that came out of our research, she survived.” Sarah Phillips (16) 

Debbie Fund is set up in memory of Debbie Phillips, who died of Cervical Cancer aged 48 on 11th February 2010. During the progression of Debbie’s disease, her family and friends discovered that worldwide there was no dedicated research into a drug treatment specifically for Cervical Cancer. Debbie Fund was set up to raise sufficient funds to carry out this essential research and, due to the amazing efforts of Debbie Fund's supporters, a dedicated research programme is already under way at University College London. Please, follow the Links and find out more about Debbie Fund.Become a supporter and help fund our research. Help prevent other women, wives and mothers, like Debbie, and their families from falling victim to Cervical Cancer.